Madhukar KC :SNASEA 2013 Finalist Success Story

Surya  Nepal  Asha  Social entrepreneurship  Award 2013 Finalist, Madhukar KC invented anti-smoke “Matribhumi Chulo” after 13 years of his research and experiments.

About Madhukar KC

Madhukar KC from Pyuthan has been working in energy field since many years. After completing his SLC , he went to work in India like many other people in his village. However, he returned Nepal and started his research .

His inspiration

As traditional wood fire stoves is used to cook food in the village,enormous amount of smoke used to pollute air at home. Madhukar KC thought to invent something new from which smoke would not be released while cooking food.

One day, he saw a goldsmith making jewellery. He was very fascinated by the technique used by goldsmith. A air used to flow from a pipe along with the fire to melt gold. Madhukar KC used the same idea for stove to create improved air flow system with less smoke. After years of his  experiment and research, he succeed.

His research and experiment

He participated in many exhibition seminars in search of a suitable market for his invention especially out of valley districts. Every year he improvised his invention to make it better and better. He started getting very motivating and positive feedback.

He got support of UNDP to experiment his invention at Lele, Lalitpur. He did research at Lele among 1000 household to use Matribhumi Chulo instead of gas stove and fire wood stove. That research and experiment turned out very positive. The result showed that women were very happy and satisfied to use such an efficient stove to cook food with the benefit of no smoke and fast cooking period. 90% use of firewood was reduced and 50% gas was saved after using Martibhumi Chulo.

His Challenge

He faced many challenges during the period of his invention till now. 13 years of struggle was not a easy path for him. Like all youths in the village, he was forced to go abroad for employment. He went to India and worked there few years but then he returned Nepal to do something on his own. He had to walk alone in his journey and neither family nor society supported him. However, he managed to follow his dream and able to payback from his struggle.

His recognition

He received Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2013 organized by Change Fusion Nepal. He was one of the top 5 finalist among 119 applicants for the award. This recognition has encouraged him to work with more enthusiasm. He says," I am very happy to get this award and the support from people. Finally,my work has been appreciated and people have started to recognize me and my work."

He also got fund from the award which he planned to use in his project for research.

His motivator

According to Madhukar KC, the only motivating figure to start his venture was his science teacher in Pyuthan, Geheraj Sharma. His teacher motivated him to never give up what he is aiming for.

His Future Plan

Many national and international investors are interested in his project. His future plan is to reach international markets creating employment opportunities and export Nepali products world widely along with his two partners Bijaya Raj Ghimire and Chaitya Bhahadur Nakarmi. He estimates to create employment opportunities to almost 10,000 men and women. In long run,he aims to make Matribhumi Chulo as an alternative to gas.

His message

According to Madhukar KC, “There are many visible and invisible solutions. Research is first priority than financial budget for development of nation.”

Watch this video to what Madhukar KC has to say about his venture

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OOTB's A Capella on Shakira songs amazes all

Out of the Blue +ootboxford's recent a capella on +shakiraVEVO songs amazes the world. Oxford's all-male a cappella group does a compiled song of Shakira's singles - Hips Don't Lie , Whenever - Wherever and Waka Waka - This Time for Africa. The proceeds from their Charty single goes to +Helen and Douglas House 

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They also auditioned and performed at 
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Make Your Own Solar Bottle Bulb

What will you do with an empty bottle in your hands ?

A litre bottle for what you consumed from it for a while some time back is going to change lives of many or may it be us itself. Yes, its interesting and we have heard a lot of it earlier if any of us have already did from the stories from Alfredo Moser's story in Brazil, Coca Cola's Liters of Light Turn Bottles Into Bulbs in India, Angelo Diaz's MyShelter Foundation in the Philippines along with other 20 more countries like Bangladesh, Tanzania, Argentina, Fiji and in our very own country NEPAL with an amazing energetic team at Ujyalo Foundation with their 'Project Ujyalo' initaitive  .  
Let us not share you everything right away with that empty bottle in your hand rather we would want you to experience you change that into a Solar Bottle Bulb Ujyalo Foundation launches its first ever 'Youth in Action Series' this 2nd August, 2014. But before that you need to signup the following form available below before 20th July, 2014.

Like Pramila Shahi there are around 200+ household that Project Ujyalo has already brought smiles on many faces and that has impacted to larger differences as with the success growth in each household. 

Amuda Mishra the founder of Ujyalo Foundation took this as her initiative as part of her participation at Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) ‘Commitment to Action’ plan in the year 2013 through which she and the team were able to install 135 units of “solar-bottle-bulb” in 90 homes mostly housed by dom ethnic groups (the untouchables) in Birgunj. After the successful implementation Amuda with her team including Sanjog Manandhar, Annie Guo, Merina Dangol and others have made their commitment to train more young minds through the "Youth in Action Series" as well as reaching out to schools and colleges for more of similar training programs. Currently, the initiative has been featured in several national and international media included with campaign support from universities here in Nepal and abroad. 

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